Jackie, Ari, & Jack: The Tragic Triangle

This audiobook reveals a new theory for the Crime of the Century. The Love Triangle Theory implicates Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy in the assassination of JFK. They are connected romantically before the murder. Ms. Jones proves that they had the motives and means to commit the perfect crime of all time. Jackie desperately needed cash and Ari desperately needed class. They fell in love with each other and the rest is history. Jackie Ari & Jack The Tragic Love Triangle is insightful and opens up an area that very few have considered. The facts presented are totally startling and entirely too explosive to be fiction. This was a classic love triangle and when one party is eliminated common sense tells us that we must look very carefully at the two remaining parties.Buy at Amazon

Documented facts: Jackie Ari & Jack: The Tragic Love Triangle by January Jones

  • Jackie Kennedy’s private papers are sealed until 2044 with 80 years worth of secrets.
  • Aristotle Onassis was Jackie’s guest in The White House during the JFK funeral. He was the only non-family member invited to stay there during the funeral.
  • Prior to the assassination on October 1, 1963, Jackie was Ari’s guest on his ship, the Christina, going against JFK’s wishes. Ari gave her over $50,000 in jewels as a farewell gift when she returned to Washington and agreed to go to Dallas.
  • Prior to the assassination, JFK had forbidden Onassis to enter the country until after the 1964 election. He called Onassis a pirate publicly and worse privately.
  • Jackie was not independently wealthy. All the money was tied up in Kennedy trust funds. JFK left her only $25,000 in cash plus interest only from one trust fund to be terminated upon her remarriage.
  • JFK and Jackie had a very popular, political marriage. His father felt that he needed a wife and family felt she needed to marry into money. They had separate lives and separate bedrooms.
  • JFK took his wedding ring off as he left the church after their wedding.
  • Jackie had electro-shock therapy early in their marriage due to depression.
  • JFK was on a cruise when Jackie lost her first baby. He only returned after the funeral so as not to offend women voters. Jackie’s mother and Bobby Kennedy buried the baby. Peter Evans in his book, Nemesis, states that JFK believed the child was the result of an affair Jackie had with the actor, William Holden.
  • Joe Kennedy gave Jackie $1 million to stay married to Jack.
  • When Jackie was in the hospital having Caroline, JFK had an affair with her sister, Lee Radziwell. Consequently Jackie did not leave her sister anything in her will but did leave money to her sister’s children.
  • Jackie knew all about JFK’s affair with Marilyn Monroe. It embarrassed and disgusted Jackie. Marilyn Monroe died suddenly in August 1962 after threatening to go public about her affairs with both Jack and Bobby.
  • After Marilyn’s death, Jackie went to cruise in Europe with Gianni Agnelli, the Fiat heir. During this cruise, she sent a Secret Service agent back to the states to pick up her diaphragm. It was a don’t get mad, get even moment for her.
  • During this time, JFK was having an affair with Mary Meyers, a supposed close friend to Jackie. Everyone in the White House was aware of this blatant, indiscreet transgression.
  • Aristotle Onassis was one of the wealthiest men in the world with the means, the motive and the money to order an assassination that became the perfect crime of the last century. Ari needed class and Jackie needed cash. They were perfect for each other.
  • Onassis was connected to the Mafia in Europe, and to drug trafficking in the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia along with his shipping and oil businesses.
  • French OAS terrorists were in Dallas on November 22, 1963. They were stopped but not detained. They escaped through Canada within 48 hours of JFK’s murder.
  • I named the shooter, Jean Soute, in my second book, Jackie Ari & Jack: The Tragic Love Triangle. He is the same man identified as the shooter in the A & E series: The Men Who Killed Kennedy that came out after my book was published.
  • In December 1964, Jackie flew to Paris as the only passenger on an Olympic Airways jet to spend three days alone with Onassis at his apartment. They conducted a private, intense courtship after JFK’s death. Onassis was very generous to her and her children.
  • Bobby Kennedy opposed Jackie’s marriage to Onassis and made her promise not to wed until after his presidential election. Onassis was very angry about this development.
  • Ari and Jackie were wed within 4 months of Bobby’s death. Peter Evans, the author of Nemesis, states that the Onassis money was funded as protection for Olympic Airways against hijackers, but was actually used to finance the Robert Kennedy assassination.
  • On their wedding day, Onassis gave Jackie $5 million ($3 million for her and $1 million for each child) as a wedding gift. This was the first time in her life that Jackie had money of her own that she could control. This was real cash not trust fund money.
  • Jackie spent $1.2 million on clothes during the first year of their marriage. Onassis staff called her, The Super Tanker. Onassis was now dining with the Rockefellers.
  • After their unpopular marriage, Ari and Jackie were together briefly. Then Ari became unhappy with her and planned to divorce her. When he died, his daughter, Christina, publicly said that Jackie was The Black Widow who destroyed both the Kennedy and Onassis families.
  • After Ari’s death, Christina gave Jackie $26 million. She said it was worth it not to ever have to see Jackie again. At her death, Jackie’s estate was said to worth $250 million.
  • The term Camelot created by Jackie for Life Magazine had never been used in connection with the Kennedy Presidency until Jackie used it to describe their life after JFK’s death.
  • What is Camelot? It is but another Tragic Love Triangle.