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Who Killed Kennedy??

The Christina: The Onassis Odyssey: Celebrities, Courtships & Chaos! 

Who Killed Kennedy?

Aristotle Onassis often said, “They say I have no class. Fortunately, people with class are usually willing to overlook this flaw because I am very rich. You can’t buy class, but you can buy tolerance for its absence.” This is exactly what Aristotle Onassis did with his life when he purchased a dilapidated Canadian frigate of warlike mien with no pretensions to grandeur whatsoever. Onassis recreated this sorry ship as the Christina which became “the crystallization of Ari’s charm” and were he entertained the world’s first jet-setters! Aristotle was fascinated by the story of Odysseus. It was about his eternal journey in search of adventure and his eventual return to his native country. We can only imagine what secrets the Christina holds in the bosom of her hull. When all is said and done, The Onassis Odyssey was without doubt a tale that was as exciting as any other tale from Greek mythology. The reality was that this ship was his kingdom at sea. The Christina became Ari’s country of choice. It was the ultimate residence for a man who had many residences. The Christina was his obsession and it was where he lived, worked and played. The famous yacht was the cornerstone of Onassis’ reputation for decadent wealth. It became a big part of the new jet style type of living in the early fifties and sixties. It was one of the largest, most opulent vessels in the world to sail the high sea. As the Lord and Master of this ship, Onassis was the King of the World. For Aristotle, the Onassis Odyssey had reached the heights. The Christina had become the symbol of all his dreams and aspirations. He had surpassed the dreams of mere mortals and he now lived with the gods when he was aboard his floating kingdom.

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